GrIP is an independent community organisation managed by democratically elected people. We are here to challenge racism by promoting fairness, respect, inclusion and change.

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Our Mission

Here at GrIP, we strive to create a racially just and inclusive society in Greenwich, where diversity is valued and people live free from prejudice, discrimination, harassment and hate crime because of their race or religion.

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“The fact that I have been able to include my children in my volunteering has been an important part of the experience for me.  Children are cherished in Syrian culture, which means that mine have been welcomed into my friend’s home, showered with delicious sweets and fruits and made a huge fuss of.  It also means that my children are experiencing up close another culture, different foods and another language.”


— Laura Love-Petschl, Volunteer with the Greenwich Sanctuary Project

Are you concerned about racism?
Have you experienced discrimination, harassment or a hate crime because of your race or faith?