About Us

The Greenwich Inclusion Project (GrIP) is an independent organisation established in 2012 to address issues concerning race equality from a strategic standpoint. We view race equality as a right for all and believe that planned and specific work in the Royal Borough of Greenwich to:

  1. eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment,

  2. advance equality of opportunity, and,

  3. foster good relations between people from different racial and faith groups is essential to be able to reduce the unequal life chances that the residents of this Borough experience.  


We recognise the importance of fighting hate crime, in all its forms, and aim to be a hub for support, information, advice and guidance to ensure a more safe and harmonious borough.

GrIP aims

  • To support victims of all hate crimes in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

  • To advocate for the right of under-represented communities to be heard in the formulation of Council’s policy by facilitating and improving consultative processes.

  • To increase participation and representation by Minority communities in local service planning and decision-making processes, ensuring that their current and future needs are highlighted and reflected in policy and service delivery. 

  • To support, inform and educate local Public and Voluntary Sector organisations on race and faith equality matters relating to their specialist services, across all public services.

  • To promote partnerships, the sharing of good practice and the facilitation of collaborative approaches among community-based hate crime agencies in the borough, and to enhance the capability of communities to prevent hate-crimes or to seek redress when such incidents occur.

  • To provide a signposting service to ensure that those communities that encounter poor access to services are made aware of the services that are available to them.

Our approach


As a charity, GrIP works to a code of values which reflects our history and guides us in our relationships with clients, each other as colleagues and the partners with whom we work to deliver our services. We believe that all policies must reflect and respond to the needs of all the communities of Greenwich. Our work:

  • Must be evidence-based and work to the established standards within the field of race equality. It will support the strategic recommendations underpinning its work.

  • Is one of continual learning and strives to develop and improve our services to respond to new evidence and newly identified needs.

  • Is committed to partnership working and where possible to developing integrated responses to race equality and hate crimes.

  • Involves constantly listening to and undertaking meaningful research with communities, to gain an understanding of their needs, and any specific issues there might be for the borough’s BME and emerging communities.

  • Establishes and supports mechanisms that give a ‘voice’ to the borough’s diverse communities, with an emphasis on visible minorities and emerging communities.

  • Forges effective partnerships and collaborative working with the local authority, voluntary sector, private sector, NHS, and other statutory bodies, with the ultimate aim of seeking to improve the social and economic conditions of the borough’s BME communities.

  • Undertakes outreach work that identifies and highlights issues relating to communities that are “seldom heard” or “rarely listened to”.

  • Will operate in partnership with other people, organisations or communities who face discrimination for other reasons e.g. gender, sexuality, disability, etc.


Our approach means that we strive to create an environment where all people and all groups are supported to achieve their maximum potential.


Promote racial equality and inclusion.


Eliminate all forms of discrimination and hate crime on the grounds of race or faith.


Foster good relations between people from different racial and faith groups.


Help strategic planning to meet the needs of people from diverse backgrounds.

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We champion equality for all and fair access to services and opportunities for everyone.


We value and welcome the benefits of a diverse society and we provide support to help deliver services that meets the needs of the changing multi racial community.


We believe that everyone, regardless of their racial origin or faith, has the right to be included in a fair society.